test test 1 [test] noun [countable]
1. a set of questions, exercises, or practical activities to measure someone's skill, ability, or knowledge
ˈaptitude test HUMAN RESOURCES
a test to find out if you have the necessary skills to do a particular job or activity:

• After the interview you will be asked to take an aptitude test.

emotional quotient test; a test that employers give to possible future Employees to find out if they have the character, creativity (= ability to produce new ideas), and social skills necessary to be good at their jobs
IˈQ test
intelligence quotient test; a test to measure a person's level of intelligence, with 100 being the average result. The test consists of problems related to letters, numbers, and shapes
ˌpsychological ˈtest HUMAN RESOURCES
a test to find out if someone has the right character and attitudes for a job :

• Employers use psychological tests to screen out potentially violent applicants.

ˌpsychometric ˈtest HUMAN RESOURCES
a scientifically-based test that measures someone's ability and their thinking skills, and also their personality and attitudes, in order to find out if they are suitable for a job:

• The two main types of psychometric tests used are personality questionnaires and aptitude tests.

2. a process used to find out whether something is of the right quality or works correctly, or to find out whether it contains a particular substance:

• nuclear weapons tests

psychometric test for

• a test for chemicals in the water

\add at sense 2 a test of software in order to find out if it works properly, done by the company that is writing the software
— alpha-test verb [transitive] :

• The CD ROM is currently being alpha-tested.

a test of software in which it is given to customers to use, so that any problems will be found
— beta-test verb [transitive] :

• The games are all beta-tested by a representative sample of gamers before release.

ˈblind test
MARKETING a way of testing a product in which people are asked to try the product and give their opinion about it without telling them the product's name:

• In a blind test, 58% of those tested preferred butter to margarine.

ˈfield test
a test on a new piece of equipment done in the place where it is to be used rather than in a Laboratory, factory etc; = FIELD TRIAL
ˈhall test MARKETING
a type of market research in which a group of consumers are asked what they think of specific products, advertisements etc:

• We got paid $35 an hour to participate in a hall test this weekend.

ˌliquid ˈratio test
FINANCE another name for acid ratio
ˈmarket test MARKETING
a test in which a new product is made available in one area in order to find out if people like it or if changes should be made:

• You will be developing products, from initial ideas to market test and national launches.

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